State Finals WILL TAKE PLACE from September 27 to October 31 AND everyone will have the opportunity to compete and experience State Finals SPORTS without even leaving Cherokee or Clay counties!   The registration fee for State Finals this year will be $15 and registration begins on August 1st and ends on midnight of September 15th.   This will be the year of the “Virtual State Finals”.  Yes it will be a little different but just as much fun!


So what exactly does this mean?   Here is the basic scoop.


All of the games and sports events WILL take place LOCALLY.  Anyone who wants to participate in any of the sports and games will be able to register for the State Finals.   SilverArts qualifiers will be able to participate by registering and submitting photos of their entries with their registration.  


As each event is completed locally, the results will be submitted to NCSG online.  Once all of the results for all of the events from around the state are consolidated and compiled in Raleigh (each event has a deadline date for result submissions), the final results and winners will be announced live on a ZOOM and Facebook live-stream “Awards Ceremony” for each event.   A schedule of the dates and times of the entire event Awards Ceremonies is available on the NCSG website.


Each registrant will receive a State Finals lapel pin along with the option to purchase a State Finals T-shirt.  This along with any medals won will be mailed to the participants at the close of the games.



For all potential State Final registered participants, we have put together a schedule of “State Final” events with venues and dates where you will be able to go and participate.  Most of the events will be held in Konehete Park and will have all of the necessary equipment available.   The events will be monitored by our event managers along with the required social precautions.  Once we know how many people have registered and for what events (after September 1st), we will send out a final event schedule.  If anyone is still uncomfortable with these venues, you can conduct the events on your own and report the results online.

For some of the events,

  • Either venues may not be available (Bowling & Mini Golf venues are currently closed)

  • We do not have the necessary equipment for the skills (Racquetball)

  • Or are not part of the State Finals events this year (Discus, Shot Put and Running Long Jump) 


Since there will be no refunds after registration this year, please contact me if you are in doubt BEFORE registering. 


Here is how the events will be conducted.

Some events will be timed and scored in the normal manner with the times and scores being reported to NCSG.  Other “head to head” events will be changed to a “skills” challenge.  In these events, you complete the assigned skills, scoring each skill as per the rules provided below and then those results will also be submitted to NCSG online.  The rules for these skills along with the how-to videos are available on the NCSG website under “STATE FINALS/SPORTS”.


Here is a list of the Sports and Games we will be conducting:


EVENT                     HOW SCORED     

Track events               Timed             

Standing long jump    Distance          

Swimming events       Timed            

Bowling                        Scored             

Golf                               Scored         

Football Throw            Scored           

Softball Throw             Scored          

Basketball Shooting    Scored          

Horseshoes                 Skills              

Shuffleboard                Skills         

Bocce Ball                    Skills     

Cornhole                       Skills           

Pickleball                      Skills      

Table Tennis                Skills          

Badminton                   Skills        



For the SilverArts qualifiers who plan to register for the State Finals, all entries will be submitted via photos as part of your registration.   For anyone who needs assistance, we will be available by appointment to assist in taking pictures of your entries and help submitting them on your registration.  To arrange this, you can contact Tim Ford at 386-956-6902 or Terence Faries at 727-470-7947.


General Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Take photos in a well-lit area.

  • Take photos against a black, white, or otherwise neutral background.

  • “Front” photo should always include the WHOLE piece in the photo, and be as straight on as possible.

  • If your piece is framed, include the whole frame in the “front” photo of your piece.

  • If your piece is framed behind glass, try to reduce glare and reflection on the glass.

  • 3D entries: All Heritage Art categories, and Visual Art categories Mixed Media, and

Sculpture can submit up to six (6) photos (including a front photo, a birds-eye-view photo, detail photo, bottom and photos of all sides if applicable).

  • 2D entries: All Visual Art categories EXCEPT Mixed Media and Sculpture can submit up to three (3) photos (3 photos are recommended, including a front photo, side photo and detail photo).




There is also going to be a fitness raffle.  From September 1st – 30th, simply report your daily fitness activities to be entered into a drawing to win a Yeti Tumbler!   Two (2) Yeti Tumblers will be raffled for each State Finals Activity (1 male and 1 female unless only 1 gender is registered).   Maximum of one (1) entry per participant per day is permitted.  Minimum fitness activity time is 15 minutes.  Participants’ fitness activities will be entered in all raffles for each event for which they are registered.  Limit one (1) Yeti Tumbler per participant.  Drawings will occur during your State Finals event Zoom meeting and winners will receive their Tumbler via USPS. You do not have to be present in the Zoom meeting to win.


Who can enter:          State Finals Registered Participants

When:                         September 1-30

How:                           Complete your fitness activities and report them.  

Each day that you participate in a fitness activity gives you another entry in the raffle!


  1. Complete your fitness activities...those you do anyway or additional ones to increase your raffle chances! Examples of physical fitness activities are: running, walking, aerobics, stretching, yoga, resistance training, practicing for your Senior Games event. 

SilverArtists may also include time spent creating their art, i.e. a person entered in sculpture can include time spent doing sculpture; a person entered in drawing or painting can include time doing those activities; same for all other SilverArts categories.


  1. Keep track of your fitness each day and submit one entry for each day you complete fitness activities.


  1. Enter the Google Form on the NCSG website and log in your name, the date, the type of fitness activity you did and the number of minutes.  Example: 45 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of yoga in one day would be entered this way:

September 2

Fitness activit(ies)-swimming, yoga

Minutes: 60


Two (2) names will be drawn from all reported fitness activities for the following:


SilverArts Performing             Bowling                       Racquetball

SilverArts Literary                   Cornhole                     Shuffleboard

SilverArts Heritage                 Croquet                      Shot put

SilverArts Visual                     Cycling                        Softball Throw

5k Run                                     Discus                          Softball Tournament

10K Run                                  Football Throw           Swimming

Archery                                   Fun Walk                    Table Tennis

Badminton                             Golf                             Tennis

Basketball Shooting               Horseshoes                 Track Runs and dashes

Basketball Tournament         Long Jumps                 Race Walks

Billiards                                   Mini Golf                    Power Walks

Bocce                                      Pickleball





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