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Each spring, the Cherokee/Clay County Senior Games & SilverArts conducts its Senior Games and Sports competitions.  Competitions are broken down by Gender and Age categories.


The age of the participants as of December 31st of the current year determines in which of the 5 year age divisions they participate -     50-54,  55-59,  60-64,  65-69,  70-74,  75-79,  80-84,  85-89 or 90+.

Those competitors who place in the top 3 in most of the events (see the Sports info tab for more detailed information) will qualify to participate the North Carolina State Finals which are held in the fall of each year.

Medals or not, GET UP, GET OUT and GET GOING!  Come and join us for some fun, meet some new friends and enjoy a little recreation.

The following is a list of games and sporting events held each year:


Bocce ball (Sgl/Db/MxDb)

Bowling (Sgl/Db/MxDb)

Pickleball (Sgl/Db/MxDb)

Table tennis (Sgl/Db/MxDb)

Tennis (Sgl/Db/MxDb)


Basketball shooting




Football throw





Softball throw

Air Rifle Target Shooting

SWIMMING (Choose 6 only)

50M Breaststroke

100M Breaststroke

200M Breaststroke

50M Backstroke

100M Backstroke

200M Backstroke

50M Butterfly

100M Butterfly

200M Butterfly

50M Freestyle

100M Freestyle

200M Freestyle

500M Freestyle

100M Medley

200M Medley

400M Medley



Shot putt

Running long jump

Standing long jump

50m dash

100m dash

200M dash

400M run

800M run

1500M Power walk

5K Power walk

5K Road race

10K Road race

The following are some of the main criteria for the Sports events:

The safety and sportsmanlike conduct of everyone is of paramount concern.  We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the games.  Senior Games Officials have the authority to disqualify, and/or remove, from current and future NCSG programs, anyone who exhibits inappropriate behavior or a condition of medical concern. Falsifying information in the registration process will not be permitted and may result in disqualification from current and future Senior Games activities.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to participate, you must be 50 years of age or better on or before December 31 of the current year and be a resident of Cherokee, Clay and Graham counties for three (3) consecutive months each year.

Age Groups

Individual Sports

Participants will compete in age groups based on 5-year increments.   The age of the participants as of December 31st of the current year determines in which of the 5 year age divisions they participate.

These are:            50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65 - 69, 70 - 74, 75 - 79, 80 - 84, 85 - 89, 90+


Doubles Sports

The age of the youngest player will determine the age group.

A player may compete in only one age group per event category. The age groups are the same as in individual sports.

Doubles Partners – If an individual’s partner cannot come to State Finals, that person may select another partner who qualified in that Sport at a Local Games. For example, a participant that qualified in Bowling Doubles may select another partner who qualified in Bowling Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles. All changes must be made in writing and meet the published deadline stated in the Entry Packet.

To view the complete NCSG Rules book, click the button below:

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